Long-term strategy of SPP OAO “StroiGAZ” is constant development and steady work independently of the market conditions.

First of all it consist an ambition to satisfy requirements of the shareholders (and customers) as much as possible.

It is supported with flexible price policy, wide spectrum of apartments – from social to elite, thus answering to the uniform standard –comfort, quality and reasonable price.

Our standard is based on introduction of progressive constructive decisions, modern materials and technologies.

For instance, frame building (in modular and monolithic variants) creates possibility of a freeform lay-out of apartments and reduces terms of erection of a building.

Application of light constructive elements and original technical decisions provide an opportunity to reconstruct “five-storey apartment blocks” without eviction of tenants. Five storey building grows on some floors (up to 9 inclusively), and tenants receive additional apartment areas, increase wall’s thermal efficiency and even get elevators.

On agenda there is a construction of penthouses (single dwellings on top floors of apartment buildings) and townhouses (terraced houses with patios).

It is possible to judge “StroiGAZ” residential construction capabilities by following the results of work in Nikolaevka settlement of Mihajlovsky area, where 20 houses were build in 70 days (the first house have been started on 16.09.2010, and the last one was completed on the 25.11.2010).

Realization of these programs is supported by own powerful industrial base, qualified structure of ITR and professional workers, together with one of the best in a city design firm, which in particular, on a client’s requirement, carries out technically competent customizations to apartments at a construction stage.

The global economy crisis hasn’t avoided “StroiGAZ”. But the organization hasn’t worked full working week only in January 2009, and by the results of the year, the volume of contracts has surpassed the economically safe year of 2008.

This achievement was possible due to reduction of production costs, concentration on objects of high level of construction readiness, geographical expansion and active participation in public housing construction tenders and auctions.