Our services

“StroiGAZ” successfully exists and develops for more than 75 years. In this period of time we have completed a considerable quantity of projects and earned great experience in design and construction.

Our companyoffers all kinds of construction services, design and project management together with the function of the developer and the customer.

The short list of work range:

  1. site preparation
  2. demolition
  3. lowering water levels, organization of surface drainage
  4. trenching, vertical planing
  5. soil excavation and backfill
  6. construction of pile foundations, soil reinforsement, ankering
  7. soil compaction
  8. construction of trench walls
  9. all scope of concrete works
  10. works on installation of modular ferro-concrete and concrete elements
  11. Steel work
  12. Wood work
  13. installation of light fencing structures
  14. installation of sandwich panels
  15. Masonry
  16. shielding of premises and creation of expansion joints
  17. roof works
  18. waterproofing
  19. rustproofing
  20. thermal insulation works
  21. interior MEP design and installation works
  22. exterior MEP design and installation
  23. roads construction
  24. interior design and construction
  25. structural and civil engineering